“I first went to Jerrod Fletcher (North Florida Acupuncture) seeking help for lower back pain. After only one treatment I had more relief than I had experienced after a year of chiropractic visits. I value chiropractic medicine and its benefits, but was pleasantly surprised at the great and immediate results I received from Jerrod’s acupuncture treatment. Since that time, I have seen Jerrod for other health considerations and have been delighted with the results.

Jerrod if very, very thorough in his “patient-intake”. He spent two hours in conversation with me in order to develop a complete picture of my health. He also analyzed my pulse, and I was amazed at the accuracy of what he told me through this seemingly “simple” non-intrusive assessment”.

As far as responsiveness, Jerrod is first-rate. I have never had to wait even twenty-four hours for response to an inquiry. He has a wonderful manner about him and seems to genuinely care about his patients. He inspires trust. I felt comfortable being completely honest with him regarding all my health issues and concerns.

If you choose to go to Jerrod Fletcher for treatment, you will not regret it. You will be making a wonderful investment in your physical, emotional and psychological health”.

~Susan S.

“Jerrod can help you with any issue! ‎‎ I chose to go to Jerrod when he was a student of acupuncture on the recommendation of others who had been to him and were pleased with their results. I needed help with my circulation, numbness, lack of appetite, fatigue, mental health, low energy, & stress, just to name a few. I was impressed with the care he took for each of my needs and looked for the best treatment for each. When he got his own practice, I was excited for him and continued my treatments with Jerrod. He is very professional in what he does, and uses all the resources available to be the best doctor of acupuncture there is. Thank you”!

~Becky R.

NO MORE HEADACHES‎‎ I recently started acupuncture with Jerrod and it has been amazing! I went for headaches and have no more and have noticed a difference with other issues that I did not even intend on “fixing” such as hot flashes. I highly recommend acupuncture especially by Jerrod!

~Erica F.

Jerrod Fletcher is GREAT‎‎. Je​rrod was a senior at Dragon Rises Oriental College of Medicine when I was assigned to him in the clinic. He has his own practice and I continue to consult him, regularly. Jerrod is a caring, competent practitioner, who endures my long windedness, and is constantly researching to find and use procedures to keep me in good health.

~Gwen F.

I have been going to North Florida Acupuncture since the Summer of 2011. All of my life I have had sinus and allergy problems. Living in Gainesville for the past 30 years, I was taking allergy pills at least 2 times a day almost every day of the year. Within a couple of months after going to acupuncture two times a month, I no longer needed to take allergy pills. Even in the extremely difficult allergy seasons I have not had any problems. I believe the quality of my life has greatly improved because of acupuncture, herbs, and the other services that are provided. My entire body is becoming balanced. I have more energy and I know that Jerrod has assisted me with many physical and emotional issues that affect my well-being. Jerrod is so thorough and caring and is incredibly professional. I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who cares about their quality of life.

~Dianne S.

From Google: For those looking for a short google review: I highly, HIGHLY recommend Jerrod Fletcher at North Florida Acupuncture! He is one of the most intelligent and compassionate professionals I have ever been fortunate enough to work with. Needle acupuncture, magnet therapy, guasha, cupping, and herbal remedies/homeopathics are just a sampling of his methods that have all worked wonders for me. The longer version is that I began working with Jerrod about two years ago with the hopes of managing chronic headaches that chiropractors, neurologists, and neurosurgeons had not been able to help. With acupuncture and guasha my headaches are far less frequent and intense. For me, this has felt like nothing short of a miracle.

In the time I’ve worked with Jerrod he has also ended up helping me deal with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the consequent chemotherapy treatments for the disease. Jerrod was one of the first practitioners I’d seen to even pick up on the fact that something was wrong and ultimately realize the diagnosis of Hodgkin’s. From there he was able to help me deal with the fear and anxiety surrounding my illness as well as manage the plethora of side effects from the chemotherapy. I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through six months of treatments without his compassionate and holistic care. We addressed nausea and vomiting, night sweats, poor sleep, skin conditions and now, thankfully, are working on post-treatment detoxification. I attribute my success with Jerrod to his genuine concern for helping people. It is rare that I spend less than two blissful hours in his office as he asks detailed questions and does a thorough assessment of full body health.

Jerrod’s training has provided him with an array of methods that he is able to apply for helping me with mental, physical, and even emotional ailments. When he doesn’t have the answer, he does research and works with colleagues until he is better able to truly provide the best therapy. I’ve never worked with another health care provider of any kind that puts so much selfless time and energy into making patients feel better in as many ways as possible. I’ve continually been impressed with the variety of issues that North Florida Acupuncture has been able to help me with and really doubt that there is any condition for which I wouldn’t at least suggest seeking the advice and care of Jerrod. Each time I walk out of his office my entire well-being is supported and improved.

~Jessica S

From Google: Dr. Jerrod Fletcher is a true gem and wealth of natural health knowledge in the Gainesville area. I began seeing Dr. Fletcher for insomnia and stress in 2009. What I didn’t expect was the overall wellness, support and increased energy his treatments would provide. I continued going to North Florida Acupuncture for the following two years. Sometimes I went for treatments weekly, sometimes more sporadically. Acupuncture, cupping, gua-sha, moxabustion, tuina massage, it was all a gift I was able to experience regularly. I have since relocated to Atlanta and I consider the 6 hour drive worth being treated at North Florida Acupuncture, (I have just requested an appointment). I highly recommend Dr. Jerrod Fletcher. If you are local you are lucky.

~Chantal D

From Google: Jerrod Fletcher, AP at North Florida Acupuncture is what I consider a “little piece of heaven”. It is common now to only get 15 minutes with your physician and during that short period of time they must come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan. I don’t know about you, but I prefer someone who really listens to my needs and researches all of my options and doesn’t kick me out of their office because they have 3 other patients booked within the same hour. If you are looking to treat the symptom then NFA is NOT for you. If you are looking to uncover the root cause and address it head on then NFA IS for you. Quit playing games with your health and performance and see the man with the master plan at North Florida Acupuncture.

~Jake T

From Google: My husband and I have both seen Jerrod several times for everything from aches and pains to allergies. His comprehensive approach to health and wellness is far beyond anything I have experienced at my traditional physician’s visits. He is an excellent listener and makes you feel very comfortable with any treatment he performs. I can say that my husband and I both leave Jerrod’s office feeling less stressed and happier. I would highly recommend anyone interested in acupuncture to go try out Jerrod.

~Rachael V

From Google: Jerrod is fantastic. He takes a lot of time with you to be able to help with your treatment plan. He has taken care of me during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. One method of treatment that he uses that has helped me tremendously is Gua Sha. He has alleviated my back pain, muscle aches, headaches, and more! I used to turn to traditional medicine for my medical issues and now my first phone call is to Jerrod!

~Leah G

From Google: Jerrod Fletcher changed my life forever. I am in my 20’s and have had horrible back pain since I can remember. Within the first treatment I was 80% pain free. He truly cares about his patients. He is so knowledgeable and sincere in everything he does. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. If you have never tried acupuncture you should give it a try. It could change your life forever! Thank you Jerrod for all that you do.

~Rachel L

From Google: Jerrod Fletcher at North Florida Acupuncture is a God Send. When others couldn’t help me, he came to my rescue. His very direct approach to treatment and ability to teach me his holistic approach to treating me during my visit was amazing to say the least. I can say my body was totally off kilter, he has made me whole again. For anyone looking to feel whole again, when others haven’t been able to treat you, you MUST SCHEDULE A VISIT to NORTH FLORIDA ACUPUNCTURE. I admit, today one day after my visit, I am a bit sore….. but its a healthy / nurturing kind of soreness, its a total body healing and I haven’t felt this good and stress FREE in 20 years. Thanks Jerrod! I’ll be back to see you again, with out a doubt.

~Bradley Williams, PhD.

From Google: Jerrod is amazing!! He is proficient and very knowledgeable in the services he provides, including acupuncture, gua sha and herbal tinctures. His care and diligent listening skills guarantee that he addresses my most pressing issues at each treatment and I always feel significantly more relaxed and centered after my session with him. As an RN I recommend him to anyone, whether you are into Western or Eastern medicine, he is a great member to have on your healthcare team!! Many thanks!!

~Rachel H.

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