Magnets and Acupuncture

As we discussed in our last article here, our practice includes the use of a variety of treatment methods, including cupping, guasha and herbal therapy. 

Another technique mentioned in that article is the use of magnets, constructed from the rare earth mineral neodynium, that can be utilized in the treatment of the body and mind.

Magnets are often best applied in a microsystem of acupuncture called Korean Hand Therapy, also known as Korean Hand Energetics. Korean Hand Therapy combines traditional acupuncture theory with more current scientific knowledge and technology in order to apply treatment for a

variety of disorders. Korean Hand Therapy focuses on specific points in your hands that correspond with regions of the body. It works by stimulating neuro-receptors in the brain that link to the hand, stimulating healing reactions in other parts of the body.

While Korean Hand Therapy can be applied with traditional acupuncture needles, there are several benefits to utilizing magnets instead for this particular form of treatment.

The most obvious is that, while acupuncture needles are relatively painless, some people may be hyper-sensitive to them, especially when used on the hands. Even though finding reactive areas through palpation of the hand can be a little sensitive for a moment, the application of the magnets themselves is not. As a result, magnets allow you to be treated without the discomfort experienced during the acupuncture needling process.

Second, once an effective magnet protocol is established for treatment, patients can reuse the magnets at home and self-treat whenever needed or instructed by your provider. If your issue, for example, includes sleep problems, you can use what we call a magnet wand for a few minutes before you go to bed, or you can tape magnets on your hand and sleep with them in order to provide therapeutic treatment to the body.

Another benefit of magnet therapy is that they can be safely and effectively combined with acupuncture and other forms of treatment to help address the patient’s problems from another perspective or layer. Magnets can integrate extremely well with body acupuncture and other treatment methods such as cupping, guasha and massage. As a result, the healing process can happen much more quickly and effectively.

Lastly, patients who have magnet kits provided through us can be instructed remotely through Zoom or other forms of correspondence in order to guide the patient in where and how to apply the magnets when new issues arise. This includes things such as acute headaches, back pain, colds or flus, or even trouble sleeping. While remote sessions may not always be as effective as having an in-person visit, it can help one through acute or other challenging times until you can schedule an in-office visit to be further assessed and treated.

So, if you are not familiar with Korean Hand Therapy and the use of magnets for treatment, we will be glad to introduce you to this excellent method for treating many of your day-to-day ailments, providing greater solutions to assist in the maintenance of one’s overall health and wellness.

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