Fees & Insurance


Our fees our based on Relative Value Units (RVU’s) for the coded medical services we provide. Acupuncture and related modalities are documented and billed according to the Medicare guidelines laid out by the American Medical Association through the use of Current Procedural Terminology or CPT codes and ICD10 diagnosis codes. These codes are used to document the various aspects of assessment and treatment which will include the patient’s diagnosis, length and complexity of the patient’s evaluation and management (E&M codes)- more commonly known as the “office visit”, and the use of specific acupuncture or related modality codes.

Our fees our built based on how complex your case is, how much time the visit last, and how many different modalities are utilized during the treatment process. This is the methodology that has been set forth for proper medical documentation and billing and the one we use. We used this coded system in order to be in compliance and is why we don’t offer a “flat fee” for acupuncture services. Having said this we do our absolute best to maintain a consistent rate and application of services in order for our patient’s to have a clear understanding of their financial responsibility for each visit. 

We are likely not the least expense provider in our area, we are also not the most costly as well. However, we feel we provide excellent and thorough care as attested by our patient testimonials for the fees we charge for the services provided. For a detailed view of our fees, please see our New Patient Information document.


Insurance is a contract between you and your provider and we are not party to that contract. Insurance is used to help offset the cost of medically necessary therapy to the patient and is not to be considered a wellness plan for unlimited care. Not all insurance have acupuncture benefits written into the policy, some do. If you are curious as to whether or not you have acupuncture benefits, please call your provider and ask them. It would be helpful to inquire if there are any limitations on those services such as number of visits per year, the type of conditions covered, and what type of provider is covered under the plan to administer acupuncture treatments as well. 

We can bill any insurance carrier you have and will be more than happy to do so, we just cannot guarantee coverage. Most acupuncture coverage ranges from 50-70% of the cost of treatment depending on the provider and plan, with the patient responsible for the remaining co-insurance portion of the treatment. 

If you have questions regarding our fees​, billing, and insurance, please call our office at 352-281-8989 or email us at nflacupuncture@protonmail.com. We would be more than happy to assist you in any way we can and try to work within any income contingencies you may have.

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