Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. Does acupuncture hurt?

A. Although not pain-free, acupuncture is technically painless or minimally painful. Certain sensations may be felt at each point, sometimes not. These sensations can range from mild achiness or distension, to warmth or cooling sensations. Each person is differenA.t and each point may be experienced differently. The practitioner also has the ability to control the degree of intensity. Very effective non-needle treatments are available including magnet therapy for the hands.

Q. How often do I have to come?

A. The honest answer to this question is no one knows. If a practitioner tells you he can heal you in X number of treatments he’s lying. There are a variety of factors involved in healing that vary greatly from person to person. My standard rule is to come for 4 treatments before evaluating the effectiveness of acupuncture for you. If you see no benefit after 4 treatments I will not try and keep you in therapy unless you are committed yourself to following through on a standard course. A standard course of therapy can last 8-12 visits. Many patients enjoy the effects of acupuncture and will continue the therapy on a as needed basis or come for monthly or bi-monthly treatments for health maintenance. 

Q. Can you guarantee that your treatments and acupuncture will work for me and my problem?

A. To quote acupuncturist Brad Whisnant, “there are only 2 kinds of people that heal everyone, devils and liars”. I will not make the claim that I can help everyone, but I have been able to help many. The reality is, no medical therapy works in every circumstance and for every patient. I certainly wish it did. But acupuncture has been around for over 3,000 years and has stood the test of time and is utilized on every continent in the world. Acupuncture can and does work everyday all around this globe for MANY conditions. When it doesn’t, there can be a variety of reasons for this which can both be the fault of the practitioner and the fault of the patient. The fact remains acupuncture & Chinese medicine’s effectiveness has been proven time and time again both in clinical studies and in patient testimonials. I employ all patients to do a course of therapy to obtain the best clinical results and allow the treatments to take time to have an effect before making an evaluation of therapeutic results.

Q. Will insurance cover the cost of my treatments?

A. That depends on your insurance and how you policy is written. Some plans have acupuncture benefits, some do not. A phone call to your insurance comp​any will inform you on whether or not you have benefits and any limitations that may exist. The usual coverage is anywhere from 60-80% the cost of the treatment with you the patient being responsible for the remaining co-insurance portion

Q. Are herbs and supplements included in the cost of treatment?

A. No. These are given based on the diagnosis and as needed for the patient. Not every case will require herbal remedies or other supplements. However, some do. Acupuncture is its own therapy as well as herbs and supplements. They often compliment one another but in may cases the approach has to have multiple angles in order to produce a healing response

Q. How long will treatments last?

A. The first appointment is a 2 hour long visit that includes a treatment at the end. Follow up visits run 1 hour and 20 minutes. Time has to be allowed for diagnosis and the multiple types of treatment that are employed with the patient. 

Q. Is there anything I should do before or after my treatment?

A. You should not eat any sooner that 1 hour before your treatment. You should also not go all day before your treatment without eating or drinking. After the treatment it is best advised to relax and take it easy for the rest of your day. Alcohol, drugs, and other stimulating substances should be avoided.

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